We know that the empowerment of the third sector starts with sharing best practice and pooling our knowledge. 

Insights into the most successful channels help you create online engagement. You get access to the KPIs relevant to your sector and see where you can optimize. 

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Data views
We give you a clear overview of your performance across all your channels, and let you drill down into each channel to get more insights. See your performance and country averages
The benchmark analysis lets you compare your own figures with those of other organisations in your sector. See data grouped by interest (e.g. animal welfare, nature, international etc.). Compare your performance with averages from your sector
Build your own comparison group to see how you perform compared to your cohort. Group by similarity or cohort
Compare your audience with others from your sector. Compare Fundrasing Tools
Get a clear overview of the performance of other organizations in your country and sector.Compare fundraising income and lead generation
Compare your audience and discover how different audiences bring different results. Get audience insights for Facebook and Google Ads
Create your own dashboards to track your own KPIs for your Facebook and Google Ads. See campaign audits for Facebook and Google Ads
Once you have set up ZOI, our dashboard integrates directly with your channels and automatically populates your analysis and reports. Save time with automatic monitoring
Collect data with our APIs
Our API collects your data directly from your Google Analytics and YouTube accounts, and it's all completely GDPR compliant. Google Analytics / YouTube
Our API reads your Google Ads data directly from your online accounts, while respecting privacy according to the GDPR.Google Ads / Grants
Track your Facebook and Instagram performance automatically with our API – fully GDPR compliant. Facebook / Instagram
Use our API to track your Twitter performance and see your data in one central dashboard. Twitter
Track LinkedIn performance by submitting your data manually, while complying with the GDPR. LinkedIn (manual)
We can connect to a number of email services to integrate your performance in your central dashboard. And it's all GDPR compliant. Email
Some of your data isn't stored in online services, so we offer you a comfortable data entry form where you can upload data to your dashboard. It's easy to use and saves you a lot of time. Manual data input
Every year, we'll ask you to supply information on fundraising revenue. We'll add this to your dashboard to build a basis for comparing your performance with your peers. Annual performance survey
If we can't collect information about your email campaigns automatically, we'll do it with a simple survey tool to get your data into your dashboard. Email survey
Attribution is key to your activities. We'll give you a clear view of which activities lead to the best results. Revenue attribution
All partners have online access to reports updated annually.Annual report